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About the company:

DARB was established in 2017 as one of the innovative companies in the MENA region ECO system, aims to solve the problem of dust accumulation over solar panels, by continuous development and manufacturing of automated solar panels cleaning solutions.

Solar systems are installed worldwide since it is a clean and cheap energy source, but suffers from the dust accumulation over its surface which affects the feasibility of these solar projects by reducing the energy output and increasing the needed resources for the cleaning process such as water, labour, and time which increase operational costs.

DARB has developed an innovative automated solution that guarantees high levels of cleaning efficiency and reliable operations. DARB products are designed to fulfil the desertous weather and dusty areas by integrating high-efficiency cleaning mechanism to reduce the needed water and time without affecting the cleaning results. Since solar panels are sensitive to mechanical interaction that may cause scratches or

Micro-cracks, all materials used in the manufacturing of the machines have been especially developed and tested for safe operations.

More Information about the Company 

Cleaning robot SCM 1-20 

SCM 1-20 is designed to clean all types of solar panels’ systems using an optimized wet cleaning technology that removes more than 99% of the accumulated dust and litters, reduces manual labor and water wastage by up to 80% while other conventional solutions use 8 to 12 m3/m, Drab robotics solution uses 1.5-2 m³/Mega, and also keeps the production of the panels within its peak efficiency even in Harsh dusty environments. It has been tested to be fully safe on panels (Cells Micro-cracks and the Anti Reflective Coating (ARC) scratches.


Sequential cleaning technology 

In order to maintain its high cleaning performance, SCM 1-20 RT uses a three stage sequential cleaning process. 

  1. Water injection stage:
    • Including water in the cleaning process is mandatory for two main reasons:
      • To soften all hard soil and dust particles; thus, the ARC layer will not be scratched.
      • To remove sticky materials such as litters and bird droppings
  2. Brushing stage:
    • Rotating brushes is important to soften the hard soils and dust with the help of water, which guarantees the removal of 99% of the dust.
  3. Wiping stage:
    • Wiping removes dust, litters and water from the surface of the panels, which prevents lime accumulation due to salty water.


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