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Advocacy Officer – Caritas Lebanon | EU Neighbours

May 12 2021

The Advocacy Officer is responsible for the designing and the implementation of advocacy and communication work that aims at protecting and defending the human rights of migrant workers in Lebanon, particularly female domestic workers, and working towards the abolishment of the Kafala system.

The advocacy officer will be responsible for the following tasks:

Develop and implement a communication and advocacy strategy;

Continuously remain informed of all key policy developments relevant to the rights of migrant workers in Lebanon, supporting policy analysis;

Advise and provide strategic guidance to Caritas on advocacy.

Act as the focal point of the project in generating and disseminating information;

Provide analysis and prepare press releases, briefs, and reports about the project actions;

Build and maintain a network of strategic contacts and collaboration with all relevant stakeholders including government officials, embassies and consulate representatives, civil society organizations in and outside Lebanon, domestic workers and community leaders, the media and other key entities, maintaining regular contacts and exchanges of information on advocacy priorities;

Conceive a full-fledged media campaign and overseeing its production and implementation;

Contribute to building strategic alliances with other civil society organizations, supporting other partners’ advocacy work when needed, and identifying opportunities for joint advocacy and communications efforts.

Contribute to the consortium’s stakeholder analysis and conduct an analysis of round tables developments to feed into the project accurately.

Develop and ensure execution of advocacy campaign plan(s) with the partners and the EU.

Ensure that all resources are developed and campaigns are executed in coordination with and as per standards of the EU.

In addition to other relevant activities to advocacy and lobbying in the project.

Source: EU Neighbours | Opportunities