Nov 21 2021

Aristoil project (Green Growth) is one of the 8 finalists of the project slam competition, which rewards creative communication approaches. It has been selected out of 40 applicants.

The project slam competition is a pitching session, organised by the Interact Programme, on the occasion of the European Week of Region and Cities, every year in Brussels since 2003, to present in a very creative way the Interreg projects. 

The social media competition will start in August and voting will be open until the end of September.  All votes will be cast by Liking the project video on Interact’s Facebook. Please note on your agenda and don’t forget to vote.

What is Aristoil about?

Take a look at an olive oil bottle and tell us what do you see! Is it really a food product?  • Olive oil has been seen as a food product but there is more to it. It can be good for your health. It has properties (fenolic) that can help preventing illnesses such as alzheimer or heart complications. 

It is precisely this innovative approach about such a traditional and ancient Mediterranean product as the olive oil, that ARISTOIL project pursues as its main aim. The project promotes innovative production and quality control methodologies, as well as the development of a standard procedure for labelling olive oil as a healthy product. 

By highlighting Olive oil’s health benefits, Mediterranean producers can be more competitive in the market. The project has had a profound influence on the olive producing sector, which is economically and culturally important for Mediterranean countries, by empowering SMEs and providing technological innovation and a platform for promoting their products with added value. 

A total of 3,230 olive producers and millers are being trained through training events and seminars to develop this methodology in their production systems. A number of brochures, videos, presentations and other training and scientific materials, as well as a guide for producers, which includes guidelines for the production of EVOO with health-protecting properties, have been developed and distributed, incorporating the results from the pilot phase. 

During the pilot phase more than 2,300 samples were analysed from over 1000 affiliated with ARISTOIL project olive oil producers in the research partner organisations, including the Universities of Athens, Cordoba and Split. 

The project has had a profound effect on the production and distribution approaches for olive oil. Through the development of the ARISTOIL Cluster for health protecting olive oil production and e-Hub, the continuation, expansion and international cooperation for the empowerment of high quality health-protecting olive oil producers is ensured.

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Source: Interreg MED