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Call for Implementing Partners | Berytech

Jan 30 2023


Berytech is looking to partner with ecosystem players to support them in the implementation of the ideation activities to enable entrepreneurs across all Lebanese geographies through capacity building, bootcamps, and programs. All for the aim of growing the innovation ecosystem in Lebanon, re-ignite the entrepreneurship spirit and mindset in youth in different areas, reaching more entrepreneurs, and creating more opportunities to innovate in the AgrifoodTech and CleanTech sectors.

The selected organizations will have to work on the following tasks:

Ecosystem mapping in the region where they operate, identifying potential players and needs across their region. This mapping will focus on Cleantech and AgriFoodTech sectors, identifying sub-sectors of focus, and relationship building to develop the ecosystem of support for this Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program.

The capacity building program will be conducted during March and April 2023 to provide the selected partners with the tools, policies, procedures, and SOPs needed to conduct the Validation phase.

Identify potential entrepreneurs in the AgriFoodTech and Cleantech sectors.

Establish relationships with relevant stakeholders.

Organize and implement outreach activities to attract at least 20 teams of entrepreneurs and young innovators willing to create solutions for challenges in the AgriFoodTech and Cleantech sectors.

Implement five cycles of validation support, supporting 10 startups per cycle over a period of 32 months.

Facilitate and recruit trainers to deliver workshops for entrepreneurs to help them ideate and validate their ideas.

Provide entrepreneurs with one-on-one mentoring and linkage support to validate their ideas.

Run networking activities for startups in the ecosystem.

Organize and implement Demo Days for each cycle to demo startup innovation.

Manage the grant ($1500/startup), expenditure approval, and disbursement process.

Manage the budget allocated for the implementation of the program.

Startup outreach and validation activities for each cycle should take no more than four months in total.

, incubators, accelerators, tech hubs, for-profit enterprises, and others…

located and operating in one of the following areas:

North of Mount Lebanon (Metn, Kesserwan, Byblos…).

, incubator, accelerator, for-profit enterprise, and other stakeholder

located, operating, and having a facility to run activities in one of the following areas:

North of Mount Lebanon (Metn, Kesserwan, Byblos…).

The organization should have no less than 2 full-time employees and no more than 20 full-time employees.

space to accommodate a minimum of 30 participants. The space should have internet and amenities.

Interested applicants meeting all the above requirements are to submit their applications here.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Deadline to apply is February 12, 2023.

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