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Call for innovators and researchers – the NEX-LABS summer school in Lebanon | EU Neighbours

May 09 2022

Berytech is organizing a 5-day intensive summer school allowing entrepreneurs and startups to turn their innovations in the Water Food Energy (WEF) NEXUS sector into potential startups and explore commercialization opportunities.

The summer school will provide new business perspectives to NEXUS innovators, create potential collaboration across borders in the Mediterranean and help the entrepreneurs develop their entrepreneurial mindset and relevant skills to successfully launch and grow their business.  

The summer school will feature 13 to 15 teams from 7 countries: Spain, Italy, Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Cyprus and Lebanon. Teams will be selected to attend the summer school and develop their innovation management, commercialization strategy of NEXUS technologies, business model, IPR and investment pitch deck.  

The Entrepreneurship Summer School will take place between the end of June, beginning July 2022.  

It will be planned over 5 days with fully covered accommodation in an adapted working setting. Travel expenses to Lebanon will be covered by Berytech.  

Who Can Apply?

Entrepreneurs, researchers, industrialists, innovators and start-ups working on early-stage projects, innovative solutions and approaches and/or working on technology development looking for commercializing their idea to address the needs and opportunities in WEF-NEXUS sector 

University students and alumni from targeted faculties working on business or research projects in the WEF-NEXUS sector in the Mediterranean region 

What Will You Learn?

The summer school will allow the entrepreneurs to gain skills and techniques that will improve their venture’s chances of success in the WEF NEXUS Field. • The training will tackle the below topics:

Intellectual Property and commercialization process

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