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  • Canal & River Trust adopts Binnies’ and Rezatec’s Intelligent Dam Monitoring System, iDMS

Canal & River Trust adopts Binnies’ and Rezatec’s Intelligent Dam Monitoring System, iDMS

Apr 27 2021

The Canal & River Trust has signed an agreement for a subscription to the newly launched iDMS tool, which combines Binnies’ reservoir expertise and digital ecosystem services with Rezatec’s unique geospatial artificial intelligence techniques to monitor critical reservoir infrastructure. The system will deliver improvements in reservoir safety while enhancing operational efficiency.

iDMS, which is being trialled by the Canal & River Trust at three of its reservoirs, identifies the unique basal rhythm of the dams by combining historic satellite data with advanced analytics, using Binnies’ technical expertise. The tool then monitors future movement of the dams and reports on any anomalous changes that could indicate a problem. This remote and scalable solution works to millimetre accuracy and identifies additional possible failure indicators such as changes in vegetation moisture and vigour, which may indicate seepage.

“The Canal & River Trust welcomes innovative and promising technologies that enable us to proactively manage our assets, and we are looking forward to working with Binnies and Rezatec on this project to support us in meeting our strategic objectives,” said David Prisk, Reservoir Asset Manager, Canal & River Trust.

These new data sets bring an improved perspective, valuable insights and enhanced resilience to reservoir asset health monitoring and will boost best practice. The data will be used to provide a more detailed risk profile, to prioritise future investment and to enable focused operational activity to improve reservoir safety.

“We are excited to be bringing this new science to the Canal & River Trust through our iDMS product,” added Rachel Pether, All Reservoirs Panel Engineer, Binnies. “We will be reviewing the information collected with great interest as it will give the reservoir industry a much enhanced understanding of both routine dam movement and potentially anomalous movement, which may be the precursor of a dam safety incident.”

“It is fantastic that we are providing our proven and leading-edge technology, which is at the forefront of innovation, to the Canal & River Trust. iDMS is enabling our customers to be alerted to new insights and to have better visibility of their reservoirs,” commented Tim Vallings, Chief Commercial Officer, Rezatec.

iDMS is part of Binnies’ digital ECO-X suite of products, its cloud-based ecosystem, that enables integration of multiple data sets across multiple partners, such as Rezatec. It provides asset management tools that fit seamlessly with utility clients’ IT systems.

Source: Smart Water Magazine