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Capital Markets e-Learning Programme, EBRD Morocco | EU Neighbours

Dec 07 2021

Join thousands of others who are developing their skills in financial markets with e-Learning content written by experts, for future experts. Efficient and functioning capital markets lead to job creation, economic growth, and technological innovation. Be a part of the financial transformation.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has partnered with Intuition, the leading provider of online financial markets training. Their expertly designed Capital Markets e-Learning Programme will develop fundamental skills and knowledge with courses on capital markets and risk management in emerging markets. This project is funded by the EBRD Special Shareholder Fund (SSF) to provide you and your organisation with the knowledge you need to begin this journey of transformation.

Become a partner organisation today to get FREE access to the world’s most extensive financial markets e-Learning library and access to expert content to allow you to:

help your clients access cheaper sources of financing

reduce credit risk, but maintain customer relationships

gain insights into traditional and Islamic capital markets

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