CGIAR launches initiative to build food security policy in 6 countries (Devex)

May 20 2022

Devex published an article stating that CGIAR has launched a new initiative that seeks to improve food security and resilience by supporting partner countries in developing coherent policies on food, land, and water. The National Policies and Strategies for Food, Land and Water Systems Transformation Initiative, or NPS — which was inaugurated Tuesday in Kenya — is expected to support research on innovative ways to transform the three areas in Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, India, Laos, and Colombia. Climate change, COVID-19, and conflicts, including the war in Ukraine, have all affected food security, according to Johan Swinnen, the global director of systems transformation at CGIAR and director general of the International Food Policy Research Institute — one of CGIAR’s research centers. But NPS can play a role in addressing hunger, poverty, and malnutrition through the implementation of coherent policies.” Senior research fellow and NPS Lead Clemens Breisinger said, “Working in tandem with Kenyan partner institutions and researchers, NPS will contribute analytical tools and evidence-based policy options that will help decision-makers improve food security and resilience.”

Source: CGIAR | News