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Circular Economy Acceleration & Incubation Program

Mar 07 2023


Berytech is the Lebanese partner of the ENI CBC Med funded GIMED project and is looking to hire consultants for the development of a circular economy acceleration and incubation for the 


program. As part of the project’s capitalization plan, Berytech is dedicating part of its ongoing services to specialize in green business development and support and aiming at strengthening the ecosystem of green business support organizations to better empower green entrepreneurs and SMEs. In consequence, Berytech is aiming at developing a “Circular economy acceleration and incubation program” with a regional dimension. •

The developed program will act as a beacon of best practice locally and for the region to empower and grow green ventures. The consultant, with the help of Berytech team, will put together a green acceleration and incubation methodology to empower green entrepreneurs  including, but not limited to:

Tools, platforms, and networks already developed under the Switchmed program.


The main objective of the consultancy mission is to develop a program toolkit that includes a unified methodology, tools, and application exercises to empower green 

scalable startups. This toolkit will be used by business and innovation support organizations to help their entrepreneurs.

Development of green business model and plan leveraging on open innovation.

Testing in the market and validation (green MVP development).

An explanatory manual in the form of a toolkit including all tools, methodologies, and guidelines on how to incubate green startups.

A learning sequential video summarizing the main steps to consider including infographics.

These outputs will be promoted on Berytech’s communication channels and shared with the GIMED partners and the donor.

The Consultant will start the work after the validation of their offer by the contractor and the signature of an agreement and shall coordinate with Berytech team for the strategy and implementation along the whole process.

3 weeks after notification.

First draft of the manual – 7 weeks after notification.

First draft of the Video – 9 weeks after notification.

Final manual + Video – 12 weeks after notification.

All the deliverables will have to be presented in English and validated by the Contractor within one week after the submission, before moving to the next step of the assignment. In addition, 

regular calls will be organized with the contractor. The final manual should be presented to the contractor in a proper format including design, layout, and content.

Equipment (if any), consumables, location rental, video shooting and editing, should be included in the financial offer as a lump sum.

Be an individual consultant/expert, firm, or association.

Be able to comply with national fiscal context and rules for receipt of international funds.

Partnership and subcontracting are allowed, provided that the legal applicant entity has a substantial role in implementing the assignment. The applicant will be the only legal entity with which the contract relation will be established.

Have experience and track record in supporting green and sustainable entrepreneurs in Access to Finance, to Market, development of business plan, etc.

Have knowledge or experience in sustainability/green investments / impact investment and circular economy.

Interested applicants meeting all the above requirements are to  by email to:procurement@berytech.orgwith the subject “

GIMED Green investment roundtable for financiers”: •

Technical: The Consultant should elaborate on a specific methodology to conduct the work. An implementation calendar should be delivered, including potential roundtable dates.

Financial offer: A lump sum for all costs related to the implementation of event and elaboration of deliverables.

Profile and project references: The Consultant should submit professional CVs and project references on the topic.

If you have questions concerning this ToR, please contact: Elise.sfeir@berytech.org and Procurement@berytech.org

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