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Consultant for GIMED – Incubation Phase | Berytech

Feb 28 2023


Berytech is looking to hire an expert for the Incubation Phase of the GIMED program. The expert (Targeting independent trainers, consultants, or training agencies, only) is required to identify the specific needs of each venture, which includes a feasibility study focusing on market research, competitive analysis, consumer behavior, and digital marketing strategies, and develop a clear report based on the feasibility study, including insights, recommendations, and actionable steps for each venture. 

The below components represent the general needs of the 4 startups in their growth stage. A one-on-one meeting shall be held between the contracted consultant/trainer and the entrepreneur to define a detailed scope of work.

The objective is for the consultant/trainer to assist startups to better assess the market, assess the competition, and conduct market research on the viability of their product growth:

Market and customer segmentation – Customer behavior.

The consultant/trainer will address the marketing part of the business. He/she will support the team in developing their social media and digital marketing strategies and plan. Digital marketing topics will be addressed: marketing strategies, social media, customer relationship management, and content creation marketing.

He/she will present the different online marketing channels, and how to start marketing your product or company with no or limited budget:

Creation of corporate identity (logo design, brand image).

The consultant/trainer should choose one or many of the components, each one related to their specific field of expertise. The consultant/trainer will be working with one or many startups; the number of startups and the exact needs will be determined at a later stage in coordination with Berytech. The consultancy mission should be delivered virtually and physically between March 2023 and June 2023.

Each component includes several services, please note that the amount per component, should not exceed 1,600 Euros per startup per component.

Consultant experienced in working with startups on the required topics (refer to the above) with a minimum of 10 years of experience.

Have knowledge of the circular economy and environment industry is a plus.

Expert trainers or training firms will be selected based on:

The proposal and methodology suggested and its fit for the program’s objectives.

Experts bio, proven track records, and experience in the required field.

Interested applicants meeting all the above requirements are to proposal including the company profile, the offer, timeline, and budget by email to: procurement@berytech.org with the subject “Call for experts – GIMED”.


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