Dairy Tech Open Day

Nov 18 2021

together experts, farmers, researchers, business actors and startups to discuss and demonstrate the most promising Key Enabling Technologies (KET) within the DVC

Participants were given the opportunity to attend workshops, panel discussions and one-on-one meetings with successful people in the industry. 

The Dairy Tech Open day hosted entrepreneurs and startups who showcased their innovative solutions in the dairy industry to the public and presented a great knowledge and networking opportunity for innovators, independent farmers and farming industries, university students, alumni, researchers, SMEs and NGOs. They were also part of a pitching session where they presented their innovations. 

Participants who attended the event and pitched will have a great networking access to key stakeholders to find out the latest trends on the Dairy Value Chain from demonstrations, inspirational talks in addition to sharing ideas, technologies, know-how, research and expertise together.

Authentic, strained and high protein Greek yogurt with no added sugar.

This yogurt contains nothing but milk, wholesome flavors and live cultures.

Hydroponic fodder system for livestock that can produce per unit 75kg/day of green fodder in less than 1 sqm space with 90% less water reducing the cost of animals feed by three folds.

Freeze Dried LABAN IMMO is a time saving shelf stable alternative to the traditional LABAN IMMO dish. I

t is a healthy nutritious meal loaded with proteins and fibers, and takes only few minutes to be prepared.

The project aims to help local farmers and livestock keepers reduce costs to feed their livestock and provide them with sustainable and healthy food.

Barley Sprouting fodder center was created using a hydroponic system. Hydroponics is a system of agriculture that utilizes nutrient-laden water rather than soil for plant nourishment.

Lactose Free Powdered Milk is the first of its kind in the retail market. A study shows that 78% of the Lebanese population is intolerant to lactose, the sugar in milk, from which 71% show symptoms. In fact, the technology used to produce this product keeps the nutrients inside the milk, which we find is a major asset. Availability, accessibility, convenience, and shelf-stability are crucial factors the product offers.

Unlike intensive farming, ethical farming respects animals and does not practice slaughter. Ethical products are highly sought after by vegetarians who want to go vegan, but are not able to stop dairy products. 

Coordinated by the University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli” (Italy), TRANSDAIRY Project aims to enhance the technological transfer among research, industry and SMEs in the fields of Key Enabling Technologies applied to the Dairy Value Chain, by the creation of Living Labs, the increase of institutional capacities through training, and the development of market intelligence for sustainability and consolidation of spin-offs.   

Source: Berytech