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Director of Communications Marketing & Outreach | Berytech

Jun 08 2023


Berytech is looking to hire a Communication and Outreach Director.  The Communication and Outreach Director is in charge of the overall corporate image and exposure of Berytech to the outside world.

The Director is in charge of the design, planning and development of strategic corporate communication and outreach for Berytech entities, oversees the implementation of the related activities, develops new and innovative communication and outreach projects, and focuses on the communication and outreach advisory for the Community.

The Director is responsible for leading and implementing the strategy to attract entrepreneurs and want-to-be entrepreneurs to be actively involved in Berytech-related programs, which will generate proper deal flow, keep Berytech as the option of choice, and attract the right caliber of tenant companies and incubated entrepreneurs to the Innovation Parks.

The Director is responsible for building bridges and identifying support deals with corporations and other support organizations, private and public sectors that can enhance Berytech’s Community and support to its programs.

Leadership: •

Assume responsibility for marketing/promoting the facilities, public relations for Berytech and related entities.

Provide the strategic planning to the communication and outreach activities by ensuring that the appropriate structures, systems, competencies and values are developed in order to meet and exceed the goals of the Communication and Outreach plan

Develop the annual Communication and Outreach plan for the organization

Develop programs and initiatives, and be part of current programs and initiatives, in line with Berytech overall strategy focusing on communication and outreach

Be part of Berytech strategic committee to support and develop overall strategic direction

Possibility to develop/lead potential initiatives on the ecosystem level that add value to Berytech, in line with our strategic corporate entities, when feasible


Participate in establishing relationships with appropriate economic development organizations, financial institutions, business support organizations, community leaders and other resources

Develop partnerships and lead the related output initiatives in coordination with the team involved

Develop synergies with existing (local, regional) innovation structures and entrepreneurial initiatives, in synergy with Berytech resources and opportunities (Innovation Parks, Funds, Business Support, FabLab, etc.) making sure to grow Berytech pipeline and add value (services, support, etc.) to current hosted community

Event Management:

Oversee the organization and implementation of programmatic events: small, large, internal, and external.

Grow community engagement by developing activities, events and projects such as corporate and community events, trainings, workshops, roadshows, mentorships, networking, hackathons, and ideation camps (concept, planning, logistics, and follow up)

Liaise with team members to understand their activity’s requirements including event brief, budget, fundraising needs, sponsorship needs, target audience, program, partners, and objectives

Develop and oversee detailed proposals for each activity including the action plan, budget, timeline, venue, supplier, staffing needs, logistics, branding requirements, sponsorship packages, photo/video requirements, etc.

Oversee the event management including communications and logistics

Develop post-event evaluation processes including data entry, analysis, lessons learned, and recommendations to ultimately contribute to the annual Impact Report

Oversee the inventory of communication material (banners, flyers, letterheads, promo items, etc.)

Communication: •

Design and implement overall communication channels, including current Berytech entities and upcoming ones (Berytech, Berytech Fund, potential creative space…) featuring:

Oversee and supervise the implementation of operational communication activities (events, communication campaigns, digital channels…)

Ensure that the communication objectives are implemented by the operational team

Work in synergy/collaboration with Berytech entities

Lead potential new projects (EU, grants) focusing on communication and outreach activities in coordination with the operational team

Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing or equivalent from an accredited university MSc/MA is a plus.

At least 10 years’ management level in Communication, Marketing and events.

Excellent computer skills including Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite is a plus

Communication Strategy: Expertise in developing and implementing effective communication plans.

Marketing Expertise: Strong knowledge of market research and various marketing channels.

Outreach and Relationship Building: Excellent networking and relationship-building skills.

Team Leadership: Ability to lead and motivate a diverse team.

Strategic Thinking: Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities for developing and adapting strategies.

Technology Ecosystem Knowledge: Familiarity with startup ecosystem and emerging technologies.

Multilingual Proficiency: Fluency in English and Arabic (written and verbal).

Cultural Sensitivity: Demonstrated cultural sensitivity and understanding of local and regional business landscape.

Interested applicants meeting all the above requirements are to submit their applications below. •

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