Farewell Dr. Dr. Kamel Shideed, dear friend and colleague

Aug 01 2022

It is with great sadness that we share the news of the passing of Dr. Kamel Shideed on the morning of July 30 at his home in Amman, Jordan. Dr. Shideed was previously ICARDA’s Assistant Director General – International Cooperation and Communication (ADG-ICC).

Dr. Shideed, a distinguished economist, joined ICARDA in 2004 and became the Director of the Social, Economic, and Policy Research Program before being appointed to ADG-ICC. He played a vital role in ICARDA’s fundraising and resource mobilization activities, helping to stabilize and grow the organization alongside research and donor partners, ensuring dynamic international collaboration, and leading ICARDA’s global outreach offices. He also played an essential role in relocating and decentralizing the organization from Syria in 2012.

His technical and academic expertise and experience complemented his genuine belief in achieving food security, stability, and growth throughout the CWANA Region and beyond. His in-depth knowledge of countries, regional, and global systems and policies provided a unique insight into the needs of dryland communities. His work ensured that ICARDA’s efforts in the field increased our partners’ and stakeholders’ access to game-changing technologies and capacities. He also helped drive broader institutional development with a long-term goal of increasing food and nutrition security and livelihoods.

His passion for agricultural research-for-development has helped to drive food security for many communities in the region. Whether in the field with farmers, colleagues, or at high-level events, he was always warmly welcomed, reflecting the universal respect he generated.

He authored and co-authored countless publications, and supervised many  post-graduate students who now play key roles in the development of climate-resilient agri-food systems, underlining his deep-rooted and clear commitment to tomorrow’s experts in the global dry areas.

In his retirement from ICARDA in 2018, Dr. Shideed continued his work and commitment to the region, taking on commitments to Ministries of Agriculture, World Bank, FAO, and other agencies to continue sharing his unique insight and knowledge built over decades of experience.

With his passing, we lose not only an academic and leader but also a friend who always found time to engage and encourage. This loss will be felt not just at ICARDA but across the NARS partners throughout CWANA, where his research helped drive real difference for the people in the global dry areas towards resilience and greater social stability.

Source: ICARDA