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  • GIMED Program: Four Green Solutions Move to Incubation

GIMED Program: Four Green Solutions Move to Incubation

Aug 10 2021

From 20 initial projects, 10 startups pitched during a Pitching and Matchmaking Event organized by Berytech, where 4 finalists were chosen to join the incubation phase and receive additional support under the 

Green Applied Research & Innovations Support Program

under the ENI CBC Med Programme, the program has given these innovators and researchers the needed access to financing and networking opportunities and supporting them to develop their green business model to bring their innovation to the Mediterranean markets, contribute to a greener economy, and secure more jobs, especially for women and youths.

The Pitching and Matchmaking event was an exciting opportunity for the 10 startups to showcase their solutions to a jury of experts and meet with potential investors. Jury members evaluated the solutions to select the 4 most promising ventures who will move to the next phase. The 4 selected teams are: 

, a solution tackling the recycling of plastic and sand glass turning them into tiles and bricks.

, a solution producing natural and biodegradable single-use plates and bowls based on citrus and garlic processing to replace single-use plastics in cutlery and packaging applications.

, a solution that aims to reduce commuting and pollution problems by introducing affordable electric bicycles, starting with a pilot in Beirut.

, a solution producing a low-cost, lightweight, modular structure, erected above car height, providing a shaded area for parking beneath and garden space above.

The 4 finalists will benefit from 3 months of incubation support from Berytech as well as receive a grant of 7,500€ to be spent on technical and business support. They will also have scheduled regional and international events to secure business meetings, trade deals, and potential investments.

The 10 teams who pitched at the event have innovated solutions in the fields of energy-saving, pollution prevention, waste recycling, green product designs, etc. The pitched solutions included: 

is gamifying waste reduction through a community-based E-commerce platform that gives access to many eco-friendly products while highlighting each product’s impact.

is a ready-to-deploy emergency housing unit for quick mobilization and rapid response, along with a web-based mobile application. The shelter is made of reusable and recyclable materials, foldable, reusable, thus reducing the waste and minimizing the pollution.

is a Lebanese drug take-back program that aims at providing a safe and convenient place to responsibly dispose of unused or expired medicines.

is a solar convection oven that saves fuel and electricity that can be used in dairy production, bakeries, fruit drying, cans, juices, and limitless usages.

for design and construction is an eco-friendly provider of affordable and customized industrial designs and construction appliances made of crushed stones. It aims to reduce the usage of cement and other harmful materials used in industrial designs and construction while promoting sustainability.

is a digital platform connecting the dots between drivers of electric vehicles and Owners of electric chargers.

Jury members Andrea Ruzo, Dominique Salame, Danny Maalouly, Alain Daou, Rani Al Achkar, and Joelle Atallah evaluated the businesses based on their value proposition, market needs, access to market strategies, environmental and social impact, innovation and technology, revenue model, financials, and team. 

The startups were also matched with potential local and international investors from France, Morocco, Lebanon, UAE, and Greece in one-on-one meetings on Zoom.

Startups present an investment teaser prepared during their capacity-building sessions and received feedback to attract potential funding.

 in Lebanon empowering green entrepreneurs at the idea and growth stage in addition to green experts.

Start date: 01 September 2019 – End date: 31 August 2022

Main source of funding: European Union (ENI CBC Med Programme)

Source: Berytech