International Women’s Day 2022

Mar 08 2022

Today around the world, we celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD) to note the achievements and contributions of women but also to remember the durable challenges to gender equality that continue to hamper our progress for a more just society and sustainable planet.

At CIP, among many things, we focus on sustainability of systems to produce sufficient food and nutrition for vulnerable communities. We know that sustainability with food systems rests in part on issues of access and care and representation from many different groups of people. We strongly acknowledge the key role of women in shaping more equitable and nutritious agri-food systems.

For these reasons, we embrace the UN’s slogan for this year’s IWD: Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow. Indeed, these words are embedded in all our approaches to land, food and water system transformation, and we believe, in all our work, that gender equality is necessary now to reach our goals in the future.

I have asked some of our colleagues to contribute ideas for this year’s IWD and I am pleased to share them with you here…

Source: CGIAR | News