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  • Join the Webinar on Water Reuse on June 27

Join the Webinar on Water Reuse on June 27

Jun 26 2023

Join the Webinar on Water Reuse on June 27

In light of the concerning impact of drought conditions on water resources and agriculture in Europe, Water Reuse Europe and Water Europe are collaborating to bring you an insightful webinar on the crucial topic of water reuse. The webinar will be held online on June 27 from 14:00 to 16:00 pm.

According to the latest report from the JRC Global Drought Observatory, released in March 2023, dry conditions have already started affecting water availability in various regions of western and north-western Europe, as well as some areas in southern Europe. The similarities to the extreme drought experienced in 2022, particularly in countries like France, Spain, and northern Italy, are raising concerns about water supply and agriculture.

To address this pressing issue and alleviate the impact of drought on our water resources, water reuse has emerged as a promising solution. Join us for this webinar, where experts from the agricultural water reuse sector across Europe will come together to discuss the current status of water reuse, share examples of good practices, explore the challenges in complying with the EU Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2020/741) on minimum requirements for water reuse (effective from June 23, 2023), and identify opportunities to promote circular approaches in the agricultural sector.

Who Should Attend? This webinar welcomes water professionals, developers, industry leaders, solution providers, technology suppliers, policymakers, researchers, end-users, and consultants who are involved in or have an interest in water reuse.

Registration and Fees Attendance for this event is free. However, to ensure efficient management of attendance levels, we kindly request that you complete our online registration form by clicking on the registration button below.

The full event’s agenda is available here. To join for the webinar, please register at this link.

Source: Water Europe