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  • Nexus Regional Dialogue MENA // Water-Energy-Food Nexus Training conducted in Algeria to enhance the capacities of the Mediterranean Environmental Network

Nexus Regional Dialogue MENA // Water-Energy-Food Nexus Training conducted in Algeria to enhance the capacities of the Mediterranean Environmental Network

Apr 13 2023

A three-day Water-Energy-Food Nexus training was conducted in Algiers, Algeria between March 19 – 21 2023 to enhance the capacities of the Nexus Work Group (WG) of the MEN-REM (Mediterranean Environmental Network) – one of GIZ’s many Sector Networks.

Strengthening collaborations in the MENA region

The MEN-REM Sector Network (SN) aims to facilitate knowledge exchange & innovative co-creation for environmentally sustainable, inclusive, resilient & low-carbon development in the MENA region. ​​​​​​​​The SN MEN-REM brings together GIZ colleagues from programmes working in environment-related sectors in the MENA region and provides a platform for purposeful exchange. Learnings from projects within the sector network and GIZ headquarters are shared and capitalized upon. With respect to portfolio development, MEN-REM contributes to the introduction, development, and dissemination of working topics in line with existing and new political strategies. The SN’s activities cover 5 sectors: Water, Energy, Climate, Waste Management & Environment.

The Nexus WG is one of the five work groups of the MENREM SN, which aims to raising awareness about the WEF Nexus and identify synergies between projects and develop collaborations across the MENA region.

Knowledge exchange and innovative co-creation

This training gathered GIZ project representatives from Algeria, Tunisia, and Egypt working in the water, energy and food sectors. The training aimed to encourage holistic thinking and to identify opportunities for WEF Nexus integration into the participants’ various projects’ phases.

The training started with opening words from the two co-leads of the Nexus WG, Ms. Ghada Amin and Mr. Adel Arbane, both of which jointly took on their leading roles last autumn, in October 2022.

Mr. Harald Flohr, from GIZ Algeria then led the training over the first two days of the event by tackling the three-core training modules; starting with an introduction to the WEF Nexus approach including a definition. This was followed by the second module which focused on institutions, processes and tools for institutionalizing the WEF Nexus. Nexus related indicators were used to highlight the core thematic foci; nexus governance and policies, assessment and development. The final module was conducted through interactive sessions based on country case studies which stimulated fruitful discussions and exchange about the projects in the MENA region and helped identify synergies within the WEF Nexus framework.

The third day concluded the training by way of a fun yet serious learning experience through the social simulation, the WEF Nexus Simulation Game, where participants develop decision-making skills based on an integrated vision while considering and potential trade-offs between resources. The Nexus Simulation Game also provides players with a strategic overview of the interconnections between water, energy and food in the context of security and sustainability at the transboundary level. Players take on roles as policy makers in two countries that have access to the same river. They strive to address food, water and energy needs of the population, industry, and agriculture, as well as face the challenges of climate change.

Effectively managing the water supply and increasing demand for it means effective collaboration and information exchange must be established between stakeholders both within and across the borders. Since the goals of both countries overlap, the game provides an opportunity for practicing conflict resolution and cooperation at the international level.

Source: Nexus - The Water, Energy & Food Security Resource Platform