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  • Podcast #6: Rosabelle Chedid, COO and Co-founder of C Green

Podcast #6: Rosabelle Chedid, COO and Co-founder of C Green

Dec 15 2022

The idea of C Green first took form in 2016 and as four Ph.D. candidates moved forward with it, the opportunity to turn C Green into a successful business slowly unveiled itself.

Fast forward to 2022, C Green has created a patented solution that treats and transforms one of the most dangerous wastes for our environment and health in Lebanon, the sludge, which is currently being dumped into water and soil randomly into a 100% local organic fertilizer and biodegradable pots.

In this sixth episode of the BerytechBeat, we chat with Rosabelle Chedid, COO and Co-founder of C Green. She explores her journey in the startup ecosystem, winning multinational awards, and engaging her community, while redefining patriotism through her work.

She shares her thoughts on success, sustainability, knowledge sharing, and turning research innovations into scalable startups.

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