Policy Paper Consultant

Feb 28 2023


Under the STAND Up! program, Berytech is now calling for consultants to conduct a policy paper to develop a national strategy with policy recommendations and a roadmap to enable and encourage the development of sustainable textile and clothing for Lebanon.

The goal is to guide and influence policy and sector governance changes in support of circular entrepreneurs. This project is simultaneously implemented in 2 of the partner countries: Egypt and Tunisia.

The selected consultant throughout all phases of the activity, in coordination with Texfor (the leading partner for this activity), which will provide templates for all the details of the policy paper development (interview questions, synergy workshop outline, report table of contents, and draft roadmap). These stages include mapping of the stakeholders in Lebanon, interviews with stakeholder, report and roadmap, synergy workshop and dissemination events. The selected consultant will have to work on the following tasks:

The objective is to provide an understanding of the status of the sector, recommendations, and a roadmap to improve the local ecosystem in order to promote sustainable production and consumption patterns in the textile and clothing sector in the Mediterranean by creating an enabling environment for the creation of textiles start-ups with green and social purposes.

Mapping the stakeholders of the textile, fashion and clothing sector in Lebanon.

Getting to know the state of art of Circular Economy and decarbonization legislation and initiatives affecting the development of circular textiles in Lebanon.

Identifying the main challenges and opportunities that are facing circular textiles businesses and start-ups and their ecosystem to develop their ventures.

Emphasizing the need to promote transformations on the governmental and political level in the Mediterranean area to support the entrepreneurial network in adopting environmental and social improvements in the textile and clothing sector.

Green entrepreneurs: Early and growth stage ventures in the textile and clothing sectors.

Textile and clothing manufacturers and wholesalers.

Civil society, members of associations, third sector.

Textile experts, consultants, university professors.

The policy paper tasks will create a general vision of the Lebanese situation on the following topics:

Existing circular economy regulations and initiatives affecting circular textile businesses. The main circular and decarbonization aspects to be taken into account are water & wastewater in manufacturing, hazardous chemical use and management in product and manufacturing, textile waste (pre-consume and post-consume), hazardous waste in manufacturing, green public procurement, process control in manufacturing and energy efficiency, future goals through decarbonization.

Barriers and opportunities to develop circular textiles businesses.

Barriers and opportunities for governments (local/regional/country level).

The project timeline is March 2023 until July 2023.

Draft of final report and roadmap – First week of June 2023.

All the deliverables will have to be presented in English and validated by the Contractor (Berytech) within one week after the submission, before moving to the next step of the assignment in addition, regular calls will be organized with the contractor (Berytech). The final report should be presented to the contractor (Berytech) in a proper format including design, layout, and content.

Applicants must fulfill the following requirements:

Be an individual consultant, academic researcher, firm, or association.

Be able to comply with national fiscal context and rules for receipt of international funds.

Partnership and subcontracting are allowed, provided that the legal applicant entity has a substantial role in implementing the assignment. The applicant will be the only legal entity with which the contract relation will be established.

Experience in Circular economy/sustainability in the Lebanese context. Knowledge of the fashion and textile industry is a plus.

Desirable knowledge or experience in the circular economy regulation and initiatives affecting circular textile businesses.

Offers must be sent by email to Procurement@berytech.org with the subject “STAND Up! policy paper to set sustainable textile manufacturing and clothing industry in Lebanon”.

Technical: The Consultant should elaborate on a specific methodology to conduct the work.

Financial offer: a lump sum for all costs related to the elaboration of deliverables.

Profile: The consultant should submit a professional CV and portfolio (if any).

The deadline to apply is , at the latest. Due to the high volume of applications received, only selected consultants/companies will be contacted.

If you have questions concerning this ToR, please contact: Elise.sfeir@berytech.org and Procurement@berytech.org.

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