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Program Manager – Basatine | Berytech

Feb 17 2023


Berytech is looking to hire a Program Manager. The Program Manager will have overall management and operational responsibility for delivering the program objectives as part of a consortium and will serve as its day-to-day spokesperson. The candidate will report directly to Berytech’s Senior Management and coordinate with the consortium’s chief of Party and occasionally with the donor partner.

Manage the activities of the Business Advisors and other stakeholders as they are involved in the project, including Communications & Outreach, Accounting, Finance, and administrative staff assigned to the project.

Plan, direct, coordinate, and lead activities of the program to ensure that goals, objectives, and all elements are accomplished within the prescribed timeframe and funding parameters.

Oversee all short-term consultants and contractors to ensure contracts and agreements are executed and implemented to meet the standards set.

Day-to-day collaboration will be required with all team members to ensure the organization is able to achieve its objectives.

A significant component of this program is to help Lebanese Agri-Food firms increase their sales, improve their performance and competitiveness, and hire more employees, improving food systems.

Demonstrate understanding and experience with this approach.

Manage the program to determine its implementation period, funding limitations, budget procedures for accomplishing objectives, staffing requirements, and allotment of available resources to various phases of the program.

Ensure that the selection and support guidelines are followed, they include but are not restricted to prospecting and enterprise identification, profiling, diagnosis and needs assessment, negotiating, reviewing, supporting activities, tracking, etc.

Coordinate activities to promote and implement the program with governmental organizations, the private sector, non-profit institutions, cooperatives, consultants, and other key stakeholders as needed.

Network with local, regional, and national agencies; non-profit organizations; and the private sector for promoting the program and for future program development. This will include delivering public presentations and communicating the project’s purpose, value, and importance to Lebanon’s Agri-food sector and the productive sector.

Prepare and review project reports to be presented to the funding partner.

Provides technical advice and expertise to key team members and selected client companies.

Coordinate with Communications & Outreach for public outreach, press releases, public presentations of the work performed, and website development and content.

Research other funding sources to better support the selected companies.

Master’s degree in engineering or business or equivalent from an accredited university – an International certificate is a plus.

At least 10 years as a manager of a team, preferably split between the private sector and NGOs. Previous work in a consortium is a plus. Multicultural experience is a plus.

Willingness/ability to travel throughout Lebanon, as needed, to deliver on the assignment.

Business acumen and experience; hands-on experience in the private sector, strong professional network to identify subject companies, assess their needs, design technical assistance support scheme, and evaluate if a business proposition is worth pursuing.

Analytical skills: quantifying the impact of assistance provided to a client, estimating the profitability of an activity, and working closely with clients to close deals Problem-solving ability; demonstrated capability for effective ad hoc problem solving to counter the potential program hurdles which will require fast and creative problem-solving abilities.

Ability to manage teams and get them to deliver as per the program’s objectives, ability to bring people together, and cultivate trust in commercial relationships.

A robust personal and professional network to select and evaluate potential client companies, identify buyers, assess new opportunities for funding or others, and make the business community aware of program capabilities and services.

Excellent computer skills including Microsoft Office programs.

Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.

Excellent time management skills with a proven ability to meet deadlines.

Thorough understanding of cost accounting principles and procedures.

Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite or related software.

Interested applicants meeting all the above requirements are to submit their applications by email to:jobs@berytech.org 

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