Scale-Up Voucher for Clusters: Six Mediterranean Clusters Join the Program 

Apr 11 2022

Building on THE NEXT SOCIETY project, Berytech, in partnership with Anima Investment Network, launched the “Scale-up voucher for Clusters” offering a technical assistance voucher with a value of 9,000 Euros that will be used to assist regional clusters in developing their growth strategy and expanding business opportunities for their cluster members.

Six clusters were selected from the Mediterranean region to benefit from this opportunity based on their mission, track records, growth plan, and milestones.

MDFC is a public-private partnership whose aim is to enhance innovation in the apparel sector including g leather goods, through collaborative projects, with a special focus on sustainability, design, and eco-designed material development.

Cluster Menara is a Moroccan professional association specializing in the luxury food and cosmetics industry. Its 100 members are dispersed between industries, applied research centers, universities, and state institutions.

The cluster’s ambition is to consolidate and improve the competitiveness of the agro-food and cosmetic industry via a triple dynamic:

–           Value creation at the local level (MOROCCO) via the implementation of synergies between all the actors of the two sectors,

–           Recruitment and incubation of start-ups, researchers, companies, and investors

–           Accompanying Moroccan companies to conquer international markets.

Cluster Textile Technique du Sahel 2TS works on promoting the Tunisian textile and technical sector at the national and international level while contributing to its economic and technological development and nurturing its value chain.

Qoot brings together 80+ SMEs and existing companies in Lebanon’s agri-food sector, creating a synergistic environment that fosters innovation, collaboration, prosperity, and growth. Its core objective is to bring Lebanese agri-food industries on par with the most innovative economies in the world, thus making Lebanon’s flag fly higher on the world food innovation & trade map. QOOT’s mission is to catalyze the sustainable growth, enhanced competitiveness and internationalization, and visibility of Lebanon’s innovative agri-food sector, through 3 circular innovation and trade intensification pillars: readiness, competitiveness, and internationalization.

The CE3M brings together key players in the electronics sector in Morocco, to produce innovative products made in Morocco, intended for the global market.

The cluster supports innovative projects, by identifying the technologies and partners necessary for their implementation, Assist them in preparing the application file, in particular for submission in calls for projects, in addition to supporting them  in in project management.

, The cluster support its members by helping them access to finance and find suitable financing opportunities, while also supporting the project’s commercial development and visibility. The cluster offers prototyping services (mechanical, electronic, metrological) on its platforms installed at the Sapino Industrial Zone in Nouasser while extending its support to the incubation of project leaders and startups.

Valbiom is a national structure labeled by the Moroccan Ministry of Industry with mixed private/public governance bringing together the actors concerned with the recovery of waste and biomass in Morocco, for the promotion of innovative collaborative projects allowing the creation of employment and added value for all the regions of Morocco, in particular for the eastern region.

The cluster has a technical and scientific platform (laboratories) made available to start-ups and innovative collaborative projects by industrialists. This platform also allows the cluster to develop technical and scientific solutions for its partners, in particular manufacturers.

Valbiom Cluster also offers technical and entrepreneurial training, organizes scientific events and competitions for start-ups, etc.

Following a needs assessment with the six clusters, Berytech has identified their business objectives and milestones for the coming year  and has launched a Call for application to recruit experts in the relevant fields who will be assisting the clusters in their growth journey and provide them them personalized and concrete technical support in Lebanon, Tunisia, and Morocco.

You  check the calls for consultants and technical requirements here.

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THE NEXT SOCIETY is an open community of changemakers, entrepreneurs, investors, corporates, NGOs, public and private innovation, research, and economic development hubs from Europe and 7 Mediterranean countries: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, and Tunisia.

THE NEXT SOCIETY aims at mobilizing, promoting, and reinforcing innovation ecosystems and economic development in the MENA region. THE NEXT SOCIETY action plan (2017-2022) is co-funded by the EU up to 90% for a global amount of EUR 7.7 million budget.

THE NEXT SOCIETY believes in Reverse Innovation, the capacity of innovators from emerging countries to come up with solutions to contemporary challenges that can inspire the rest of the world, by supporting South Mediterranean innovators who develop local solutions with a global reach or which allow skipping a generation in terms of use or technology. Berytech has been the Lebanese partner for THE NEXT SOCIETY project successfully implementing the program’s activities in Lebanon since 2017 to empower the innovation ecosystem.

Source: Berytech