Stabilising, supporting, strengthening – GIZ’s response to the food crisis

Jun 09 2022

At GIZ, we work on a number of different measures for our clients to stabilise the situation in the short term. Countries like Ethiopia, South Sudan, Lebanon and others are seeing wheat imports slashed. Additional projects are starting up there to stabilise the situation and endeavour to counter famine with measures like emergency soup kitchens.

Within existing project structures on the ground, we are distributing seed and fertiliser to farming families. We are also helping our partners to focus more on fruit and vegetables. And we are trying to keep global trade in agricultural produce open – any export restrictions must not be allowed to harm the wrong people. Alongside all this, we are supporting the efforts of the German Government to ensure that valuable agricultural produce like cereals and oil seed are used as food worldwide, rather than being used to manufacture biofuels or as fodder in intensive livestock farming.

Source: GIZ