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  • The Efficient Buildings, Urban Transport and Biodiversity Protection communities’ final conferences

The Efficient Buildings, Urban Transport and Biodiversity Protection communities’ final conferences

Oct 09 2022

The season is changing, and on the wings of the October wind come the final events of our communities!

In the coming weeks, the Urban Transport, Biodiversity Protection and Efficient Buildings communities will organise their final conferences.

These are valuable moments because in addition to presenting the work done over the past years and the achieved results, these occasions allow us to share experiences and lay the ground for future collaborations and initiatives.

Save the dates in your agendas and don’t miss them!

A two-day event devoted to overcoming traditional sectoral distinctions in the world of sustainable energy and to crossing the boundaries of the Interreg MED programme’s cooperation area. A networking session to establish new collaborations for future projects in the Mediterranean area is planned.

The conference is hybrid, both on site and remotely, registration is required.

The Final Conference of the Urban Transports Community will be the occasion to present the work done and the results achieved in the last three years. It will involve experts contributing on the topics of Decarbonisation of mobility and Resilience against Climate Change as well as on Sustainable Mobility Planning and Innovation in Mediterranean cities.


Biodiversity Protection Community final conference

The Biodiversity Protection community final conference will be an opportunity to showcase the community’s results and nature-based solutions found and ecosystem-based approaches to climate change adaptation. Debating these achievements with policymakers and practitioners will foster concrete transferable conservation actions into EU territorial, marine and coastal policies as well as feeding into the discussions to take place at the UN Climate Change Conference 2022 in Egypt later in the month. Moreover, it will be the occasion to meet with key stakeholders engaged in biodiversity conservation and open a constructive dialogue to scale-up achieved solutions in policy and practice.

Source: Interreg MED