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  • UfM Ministers to meet to advance cooperation on energy in the Mediterranean – Union for the Mediterranean – UfM

UfM Ministers to meet to advance cooperation on energy in the Mediterranean – Union for the Mediterranean – UfM

Jun 05 2021

14 June 2021 –  The 3rd Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) Ministerial Meeting on Energy will be held by videoconference on 14 June, hosted by Portugal and co-chaired by the UfM Co-Presidency. UfM Energy Ministers will gather with the common goal of raising the ambition of the region to contribute to a just and fair energy transition, supporting the post-pandemic recovery.

Ministers will sign a Ministerial Declaration to set the future of the energy sector for the Euro-Mediterranean region. As energy is a major factor for achieving stability and shared prosperity, the objective of the Declaration is to push forward existing regional cooperation in order to deliver secure, affordable and sustainable energy supply in the Mediterranean region, while addressing the growing climate-related challenges that the region is facing, as well as the recovery from the pandemic.

The Mediterranean basin today faces urgent energy challenges: it is home to an increasing population of over 500 million inhabitants, with energy demands estimated to increase by more than 50% in Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries by 2040. The region is also experiencing intensive industrialization and tourism development that is adding more pressure to the available energy resources. On top of that, the Mediterranean is one of the world’s climate change hotspots, warming 20% faster than the global average. However, these challenges can be turned into opportunities, and solutions can be found for a sustainable and low-carbon energy transition, since the Mediterranean region is rich in renewable energy sources such as sun, wind, and water. Moreover, there is also a huge potential to increase energy efficiency through the development of innovative technologies and digitalisation.

After the Ministerial Meeting, the three UfM Energy Platforms will convene to develop a strategic Roadmap for Action including concrete actions to be developed  under the mandate of the Ministerial Declaration that will be adopted on 14 June.

Source: Union for the Mediterranean