USAID and Berytech Launch the Scaling-Up Agri-Food Innovations Project (SAFI)

Jun 18 2021

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Berytech launched the Scaling-up Agri-Food Innovations (SAFI) project, addressing the need to equip the agri-business sector and rural communities with the technical and financial resources to generate increased productivity, sales and exports while improving producer income. 

With $185,000 in support from the USAID-funded Agriculture and Rural Empowerment (ARE) Activity, the project, implemented by Berytech, covers two cycles of eight months of acceleration each, technical and in-kind support for eight SMEs with scalable solutions that can substitute an imported product, decrease the import of at least one raw material/input product or provide a service that helps in reducing import dependency in Lebanon.

Ramy Boujawdeh – Deputy GM at Berytech explains, “The SAFI project came at a time where Lebanon needs to reduce importation due to the economic crisis it is facing; we are working to support agri-food businesses creating alternative innovative solutions for imported material and services, in order to improve local production, increase private sector competitiveness and livelihood, enhance sales and exports, all while creating new job opportunities in Lebanon”.

Berytech is calling for companies working on products or services that can substitute an imported product, decrease the import of raw material or help in reducing import dependency to apply to the Scaling-up Agri-Food Innovations Project (SAFI).

During each cycle, four selected SMEs will receive business and technical expertise, training, and one-on-one sessions to improve their skills and further develop their products and services, and support to develop their scaling plan.

The call will be open starting June 20, 2021, for SMEs offering services or products in agri-food or agriculture that could reduce import dependency and create jobs for vulnerable communities. In particular, the call is targeting companies with more than 3 employees, that have existing access to the market and a minimum viable product with high growth potential. 

The four SMEs will benefit from business foundation programs, 24 hours of tailored one-on-one coaching, facilitated partnerships, and advisory support from the QOOT Cluster. Based on their needs, the four selected SMEs will receive up to $25,000 each of in-kind support for further technical assistance, tools, and equipment.

For more information on the selection criteria and procedure to apply, visit the page:

Information on the Agriculture and Rural Empowerment (ARE) Activity

The Lebanon Agriculture and Rural Empowerment (ARE) Activity is a $57 million multi-year activity funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to develop rural economies in Lebanon through support to the agro-food sector and other industries to unlock local and export sales potential while also creating jobs and increasing farmers’ and worker’s incomes.

Source: Berytech