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Waste Management Specialist | Berytech

Jun 15 2023


Berytech is looking to hire a Waste Management Specialist.

As a Waste Management Specialist at Berytech, you will play a crucial role in providing technical support and expertise to programs focusing on waste management. You will also contribute to the initiation and establishment of a new waste management cluster, bringing together relevant players in the sector. Your responsibilities will include collaborating with various stakeholders, such as partner organizations, companies, startups, and policy and government agencies, to provide the necessary expertise, connections, and promotion of sustainable practices. You will provide technical guidance, conduct assessments, monitor progress, and facilitate knowledge sharing to ensure the successful implementation of waste management initiatives.

Support in the initiation and establishment of a waste management cluster, bringing together relevant players, companies, NGOs, government agencies, and other stakeholders.

Lead on conducting research and mapping exercises to identify key organizations, businesses, and individuals in the waste management sector for inclusion in the cluster.

Assist in facilitating networking opportunities and fostering collaboration among cluster members through regular meetings, workshops, and forums.

Organize events, conferences, and seminars to promote knowledge sharing, innovation, and best practices within the waste management sector.

Act as a liaison between cluster members, providing support, guidance, and resources to facilitate partnerships and collaborative projects.

Collaborate with the communications team to develop and implement a communication and outreach strategy to raise awareness of the cluster and its objectives.

Stay updated on industry trends, emerging technologies, and policy developments related to waste management, and disseminate relevant information to cluster members and programs.

Co-Lead the communication and outreach activities of the Clyntech Accelerator and scout for relevant startups to be enrolled in the program.

Assist in needs assessment studies aiming to map the sector and its challenges and opportunities to help in designing well-informed support programs.

Support and mentor idea stage startups participating in the Clyntech accelerator program who are working on waste management solutions to validate their ideas and prototype.

Collaborate with startups to develop and iterate on their minimum viable products (MVPs), providing technical input and feedback throughout the development process.

Provide technical expertise and support to all programs focused on waste management, recycling, and resource recovery targeting companies working in the waste management sector.

Support the design and implementation of recycling and waste management support programs.

Actively engage with startup and SME founders, providing mentorship, guidance, and connections to potential partners, investors, and customers, resources and opportunities within the waste management industry.

Represent Berytech at relevant conferences, workshops, and meetings, advocating for sustainable waste management practices and promoting the cluster’s initiatives.

Bachelor’s Degree in environmental science, waste management, engineering, or equivalent from an accredited university. Master’s degree is a plus.

More than 5 years of progressively responsible experience in waste management, recycling, or environmental sustainability.

Knowledgeable in waste management practices, circular economy principles, and emerging technologies in the waste management sector.

Excellent computer skills including Microsoft Office programs.

Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.

Excellent time management skills with a proven ability to meet deadlines.

Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite or related software.

Interested applicants meeting all the above requirements are to submit their applications below. •

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