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WE4F RFP: Grand Challenge for Development MENA Region

Apr 19 2023


Berytech Foundation, acting on the behalf of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Water and Energy for Food (WE4F) Project, under contract number 7200AA20C00040, is soliciting proposals from firms or individuals that can support our clients on the below scope of work.

Offerors are responsible for ensuring that their offers are received by Berytech Foundation in accordance with the terms and conditions, and instructions described in this RFP. Failure to adhere to instructions described in this RFP may lead to disqualification of an offer from consideration.

The Water and Energy for Food (WE4F) MENA Regional Innovation Hub has released a new Request for Proposal (RFP). They are currently recruiting a service provider to propose a team of specialists and consultants. The provider would preferably be based in the region of implementation with experience in water resources management, irrigation, water accounting, agricultural technology, basin and & aquifer management, social and institutional analysis, and environmental sustainability.

To assist offerors in preparation of proposals, the following checklist summarizes the documentation to include an offer in response to this RFP:

The service provider proposal should include the below:

Detailed list of tasks and associated deliverables to be executed, included a description of each task/deliverable, list of key activities, and key success factors of each task/deliverable

Timeline of implementation including duration of each task/deliverable (1 page-more details in point 3)

Comments on the RFP where the vendor can recommend changes if needed (scope of work, additional deliverables)

CVs for the consultants that will work on the project Please provide the CVs for the staff that would likely work on this engagement explaining the roles and responsibilities of each and provide an organogram.

Describe in 2-4 paragraphs your capabilities specifically relevant to this scope of work.

Please provide evidence of your relevant past work. When documenting your evidence of past work, present each example in the following format:

The business need presented in the call order for which your past work is evidence. (1 sentence)

The challenge / issue your work addressed. (1 sentence)

Your activities / approach to address that challenge. (3-4 sentences)

WE4F RFP – Grand Challenge for Development MENA Regional Innovation Hub – PDF

Technical and financial offers must be received on May 01, 2023 by 2:00 PM Beirut time, by email to tina.bustany@berytech.org and anthony.chedid@berytech.org.

Please CC jyadav@vistantco.net and nicolas.farhat@berytech.org, referencing the RFP number WE4F-RFP R01.

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