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Young Talent Programme | Employment at FAO | Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Jan 20 2023

The JPO Programme offers a structured learning experience to young graduates as well as exposure to international cooperation activities in a highly specialized and challenging environment. FAO’s JPO Programme is one of the oldest and largest within the United Nations system. It started in 1954 and now gives nationals from different countries experience in the field of international cooperation, contributing to FAO’s mission of building a world without hunger. JPOs are young people selected and sponsored by their own government to work for FAO. The government pays the JPOs salary and benefits usually for a period of two to three years. Some resource partners also support JPOs from developing countries to ensure there is a diversity of nationalities in the Programme. Through a Programme of structured on-the-job learning, JPOs apply their technical specialization under the supervision of a senior FAO staff member. This relationship is particularly useful for receiving career guidance and for ensuring that the JPO contributes to the Organization’s objectives. Furthermore, JPOs undertake duty travel in order to have a first-hand experience of FAO field work. They also participate in seminars and workshops as well as training programmes within and outside the Organization. The JPO Programme is funded under Trust Fund arrangements between FAO and resource partners. To formalize the partnership, a framework agreement must be concluded between FAO and the sponsoring government/institution. By funding a JPO, resource partners invest in the skills of a junior professional, grooming them for a future in international development. Many former JPOs go on to make significant contributions to their own countries as well as to the developing world. By supporting a JPO, partners invest in FAO programmes. As JPOs complete their assignment and advance in their career, they extend the reach of resource partners’ investment beyond FAO. As most of resource partners carry out the pre-selection of candidates, application queries must be addressed directly to the relevant ministry in the donor country. More information on the list of JPO opportunities currently available and how to apply can be found here.

Source: FAO vacancies