Zoom In: GARBALISER, Converting Waste into Fertilizer

Jul 07 2021

GARBALISER works on converting food waste into fertilizer through an anaerobic digester, in cooperation with municipalities that gathers the organic waste from households. The converted solution helps to maintain sustainability, strengthen the Lebanese economy, and encourage local agriculture. Thus farmers will be able to benefit from locally manufactured fertilizer with high quality and reasonable prices.

“We applied to Cleanergy Accelerator Program because we believed that the team and the program as well will help us turn our idea into a scalable business. We wanted to create change not only in our region, but also to address a problem that could impact farmers all over Lebanon. We had no idea that in a record time we would be able to test our solution, launch, and grow our business.

In 9 months, we were able to open our factory in Baalbek, process 30 tons of leftovers, and then produce more than 40 thousand liters of fertilizer. We reached this result because of the people who supported and believed in us to change things in a better way. It is a change that we insisted on despite of all the difficulties!

The consecutive crises that our country faced, put us through many challenges and pressures. From the other side, people became aware of the importance of local industries and the need to benefit from organic waste as raw materials for fertilizer. Moreover, as the price of the imported fertilizer soared, farmers’ and people who sort from source began to seriously think about the benefits of organic local fertilizer, and the importance of sustainability.

Our ability to stick to our plan and work on it, in addition to increasing our production from 100 liters to 400,000 liters, was an impressive achievement. We owe it to the presence of Berytech by our side. The team accompanied us from the beginning, step by step. We started at the Berytech Hackathon with an idea, and we were just two. Now we are a startup with more than 10 people working together, and we still aspire to do more!”

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Source: Berytech