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  • ZOOM IN: InCharge, Regenerating Depleted Batteries 

ZOOM IN: InCharge, Regenerating Depleted Batteries 

Sep 12 2022

provides regeneration services for defective lead acid batteries to households, and private and public sectors. This service makes use of an innovative new technique that prolongs the battery’s life and offers the consumer a less expensive option than purchasing a new battery. Additionally, it lessens the number of lead acid batteries that need to be disposed of. 

In 2021, the need for renewable energy sources (Solar Panels) due to the blackout in Lebanon created a huge demand for lead acid batteries which are used as the energy storage components in the solar system. Eventually, the maintenance of lead-acid batteries will be a necessity for all users. 

“We applied to the Cleanergy Accelerator program to take advantage of the contacts, mentorship, and funding it provides for entrepreneurs. We had faith that Berytech would lead us on our quest to transform InCharge from an idea into a successful business. We have so far proven our novel method of regenerating lead acid batteries to be effective. Our repair service has already been introduced after we constructed our MVP. We are building our business in the meantime by collaborating with solar panel installers, maintenance providers, and specialists. 

We had to switch our business strategy from exporting ready-made regeneration equipment to developing a new regeneration process that required less electricity and was less expensive in the middle of phase 2. It was difficult to do several tests on malfunctioning batteries in a short period. However, we were able to develop our regeneration process with the assistance of our advisor and the Berytech team. 

By the end of the program, we are looking to optimize the capacity of InCharge facility and raise funds to reach a capacity of 500 batteries per month.”

Berytech is catalyzing cleantech innovations through a yearly three-phase program that allows cleantech entrepreneurs to grow their startup from an idea into a scalable business. With funding and support from the Kingdom of The Netherlands, Berytech designed and developed the Cleanergy Program to make sure Lebanon has the most competitive companies innovating in clean technology. Learn more about the  

Source: Berytech