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  • Zoom In: Partners with Sun, Baking With Solar Energy

Zoom In: Partners with Sun, Baking With Solar Energy

Sep 21 2022

are working to create a baking oven with a novel heat exchange system coupled to an industrial solar panel as a solar convection oven. The oven has a maximum temperature of 250 °C and high-end insulation material that maintains the temperature inside for extended periods of time.

Its mission is to replace conventional boilers and ovens with solar energy and cutting-edge technology in order to become a global leader and supplier of solar solutions. The oven guarantees the bakery minimal operating costs and high-quality output.

“The First Solar Convection Oven is a novel idea that Partners with Sun began researching and developing five years ago with the aim of replacing the use of fossil fuels in the bakery sector. It is a convection oven with a patented heat exchange mechanism connected to an industrial thermal solar system.

The convention oven reduces the bakery’s diesel expenses by 80%, shortens production time by 25%, increases its profit margin, lowers CO2 emissions, and has a warranty of more than ten years. It is a hybrid system that ensures a continuous flow of manufacturing.

Eleven months ago, we applied to the Cleanergy Program aiming to get the proper support and guidance in organizing our project’s priorities, planning our steps wisely, learning how to take our project to the market and how to accelerate our startup to an established business with strong foundations.

Berytech’s professional team served as our backbone system throughout this period, during which we accomplished so much. We built our MVP, launched our pilot, made needed tests and modifications, and validated our market.

The main accomplishment we value is the technical and financial help, which gave us the chance to put all the puzzle pieces together and create and test our pilot with Berytech’s invaluable insights. What’s astonishing is that we did better than we had anticipated.

We are all entrepreneurs holding out hope that the world will change and become a better place despite the economic crisis our nation is currently experiencing, with the global pandemic, and all the ongoing unrest. By the end of the Cleanergy Program, we should have registered our patent, launched our business, reached the commercialization level, and boarded an investor.”

Berytech is catalyzing cleantech innovations through a yearly three-phase program that allows cleantech entrepreneurs to grow their startup from an idea into a scalable business. With funding and support from the Kingdom of The Netherlands, Berytech designed and developed the Cleanergy Program to make sure Lebanon has the most competitive companies innovating in clean technology. Learn more about the  


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