NEX-LABS vouchers available for researchers, innovators, startups and SMEs in the Mediterranean

Mar 29, 2023News

The NEX-LABS project has recently launched a series of opportunities for researchers and innovators in the Mediterranean.

Learn below how to apply!!

  • NEX-LABS NEXUS Idea Generation Programme for Water-Energy-Food innovators in the Mediterranean. Call for application now open for 30 researchers and innovators in the Mediterranean. Awarding will be on a first come, first serve basis. – Read more and apply
  • Opportunities for Lebanese startups and entrepreneurs: incubation vouchers
    Applications open until 31 March 2023: 20,000 euros of support available to scale your projects. Read more and apply
  • Lebanon: NEX-LABS testing vouchers available for innovators, researchers, entrepreneurs, and startups – Application deadline: 31 March 2023. Read more and apply
  • NEX-LABS Commercialization Prize for researchers and university students in Lebanon –  Apply by 31st March 2023 to win a voucher of € 5.000,00. Read more and apply
  • NEX-LABS innovation vouchers for startups and SMEs in Cyprus, Italy, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Spain, Tunisia – Applications will be opened until 30/09/2023 terminated upon successfully awarding all available vouchers. Awarding will be on a first come, first serve basis. Read more and apply
Image courtesy Austin Chan via Unsplash