PHEMAC Editorial board meeting

Dec 16, 2022News

The Editorial Board is an internal PHEMAC executive group created at the beginning of the project and composed by the communication experts of each partner of the project (total 11 members).

It started working from February 2020 and, participated not only by the communication experts but also by the project managers of the WP leaders, it became quickly the best place to “measure” the “temperature” of the project during its implementation and, for this, the best “speaker” of the activities implemented under PHEMAC.

At the beginning of the project, during the January kick off in Barcelona, the consortium agreed on having monthly meetings. After the first sessions, considering the overlapping of activities and, moreover, the COVID-19 Pandemia that increased a lot the number of online meetings, the consortium rescheduled the activities planning Editorial Board sessions every 6 weeks (total of 8/9 per year).

The outcomes of the Editorial Board cannot be planned in advance neither exhaustively listed: being its main functions to facilitate and speed up the activities of the project, outcomes are various and depend from the implementation of the project itself. Eg: before each Innovation Week, the outcome was to facilitate the achievement of the result of the project in making possible the implementation of each Innovation Week or, for example, to facilitate the discussion about the Benchmark to be adopted by the iHUB when the consortium had to solve some issues with the quantification of indicators.

The next meeting of the Editorial Board for 2022 is expected for the 19th of December.

Image courtesy: Fauxels via Pexel