PHEMAC Fourth Innovation week

Jul 12, 2023events, News

 The fourth innovation week of PHEMAC project was held from 22nd to 24th of May 2023 in Fez- Morocco. The event was organized by Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University (USMBA) in collaboration with the innovation city of Fez, the Maroc Biotech association and the Foundation of Khnata Bennouna for scientific research for young people, and took place at the premises of conference centre of the Faculty of Sciences and Technologies. 

The objective of the event was twofold: 

  • Presentation of the PHEMAC project achievements: especially the iHuB offered possibilities, and how it can allow the transfer of know-how from producers to users and so to improve and sustain connection between public and private sector and increase involvement of private sector in R&I within MPC. In the aim of encouraging participants to register on the PHEMAC’s iHub, a focus was placed on its possibility to help guaranteeing wide usability, flexible adaptability and concrete application of the innovative results of the projects and to make them marketables. 
  • Explore the current WEF NEXUS standing and realities in Morocco and the region, share the latest innovations and research results in the field while opening doors to strategic partnerships in the MENA region.  Stimulating the public awareness of the positive role of R&I in society, was also targeted mainly during the night of the researcher.

The event was attended by 330 researchers, policy makers, start-ups, and entrepreneurs working in the fields of Water, Energy, and Food (WEF) Nexus and high school students of different levels (from the 1st year of college to the final year) that attended the various activities of the Moroccan Researchers’ Night.

The event’s program was rich of varied and interesting activities. Alongside the plenary conferences, discussion panels and workshops, there were parallel sessions presenting PhD students’ scientific work around the nexus: water, energy and food.

The week was distinguished by two key activities:

  1. Moroccan-Med Researchers’ night, which aims to raise young people’s awareness of the positive role of R&I in society. It started by the testimony of Pr Adnane Remmal on the impact of his discoveries in RDI on his professional and personal life. Next, Theatrical reading on the positive impact of science on human life under the title “Quantum” was played by engineering students and written and directed by Prof. Fahd KAGHAT. Then, an exhibition of the prototypes that compete for the three best projects & prototypes offering relevant, feasible solutions with great socio-economic impact in one of the areas covered by the WEF – NEXUS. The awarded teams were: 
  • Agronomic Control:  1st prize, 5 000 DMA
  • AquaSavvy:  2nd prize, 3 500 DMA
  • EcoFlow:  3rd prize, 2 500 DMA

In addition, the young students participating in the event, had the opportunity to visit the laboratories of the FST and the City of Innovation in Fez and the exhibition stands of the competition. They were able to discuss with researchers, and project leaders.

  1. The award ceremony for the First Edition of the Khanatha Bannouna Foundation for Scientific Research for Youth (2023). This edition focuses on water research with an obvious and direct socio-economic impact. Three prizes were offered:
  • 25 000 DH for the First Prize
  • 15 000 DH for the Second Prize
  • 10 000 DH for the Third Prize