Conceived as a tool to stimulate visibility and re-use of results, the iHub is a central component of the PHEMAC project and collects and disseminates information about projects funded by various agencies that publicly share their data

This knowledge-based platform is composed by 4 main elements designed to enhance cross-fertilization of different territorial experiences and multidisciplinary collaboration:

Plaza dissemination Tool

It consists of a virtual “Agorà”, a web space that is populated automatically with news, information, tweets, etc about the main themes covered by the PHEMAC project: all this content is grouped in “Flows”, each one dedicated to a specific topic.

Image courtesy: Juliana Romão on Unsplash

LINK Job Bank

It provides up-to-date information about job opportunities in the geographical area (therefore in the Mediterranean regions) and in the thematic sectors of the PHEMAC project. This service has been designed especially for a younger audience, looking for job opportunities, either in public research centres or in the private sector. 

Image courtesy: Cytonn Photography on Unsplash

Rialto Marketplace

a repository and match-making on-line tool to create a ‘virtual space for innovation’. This is the heart of iHub and its goal is to facilitate the encounter between technology users and technology producers/intermediaries in different sectors, maintaining a focus on innovation.  

Image courtesy:Anna Shvets on Pexels

Online Mapping Tool

It allows to classify the projects included in the Rialto marketplace according to a configurable set of best practices according to a controlled set of categories that allow to associate one or more best practices to a project. 

Image courtesy: Ruthson Zimmerman on Unsplash

Discover the NEXUS Water Energy and Agri-Food best practices in the European and Mediterranean Partner Countries, take your tour in the iHub now!

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