What is the scenario for the ideal ecosystem of open innovation? Help the NEX-LABS project to discover it!

May 19, 2021News

Answering this survey will help the NEX-LABS project understand the external and internal factors for better planning and decision-making to create Nexus Driven Open Living Labs (NDOLLs) in the Mediterranean area.

We highly appreciate your time and collaboration in filling in the survey and sharing among your stakeholders contacts!

The deadline is Monday 31st May 2021. The form will take you only 10 minutes


More about this survey and Nexus Driven Open Living Labs

Among its outputs, NEX-LABS project aims to build two cross-border livings labs to face the water, energy and food challenges (WEF) in the Mediterranean countries: Nexus Driven Open Living Labs (NDOLLs).

In Europe, this original notion of Living Labs has been reinterpreted based on advances in open and user-centred innovation, and the movement has been given a head start by EU policy support. Living Lab is a user-centred, open innovation ecosystem based on a systematic co-creation approach, integrating research and innovation processes in real communities and environments (European Network of Living Labs).

Living labs can also be defined as spatial and methodological infrastructures in which users enter into an open innovation process together with central stakeholders of the value chain in (semi-) realistic environments.

NDOLLs in Mediterranean partnering countries will serve as meeting/linking spaces for scientific/industry/business communities and society to interact and innovate by matching innovation demands/offer of technological solutions.

To better understand the scenario, the NEX-LABs partners are now conducting a PESTLE analysis to identify the Political, Economical, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental factors that could help a better planning and decision-making to create NDOLLs between the Mediterranean project partners.

Any inquiries related to the questionnaire and the stocktaking can be addressed to Dr. Gustavo Perez gustavo.perez [AT] uab.cat

Image courtesy: @firmbee via Unsplash